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  Türkiye'de Tekstil Sektörünün Geleceği
Future of the Textile Sector 

4-5-6 Mayıs 2017
4-5-6 May 2017

Bursa Akademik Odalar Birliği Yerleşkesi

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Aim & Scope

From World War II to the present day, events in many parts of the world have increased economic problems. Economic programs are based on capitalist approaches, and these approaches cause serious deterioration, especially on the ecological balance of the world. Among the sustainable development goals in the 17th Sustainable Development Summit held in September 2015 ones of the topics are covered in industry, innovation, infrastructure, responsible production and consumption, clean energy, and quality education. While the Sustainable Development policies are being drafted, it is now expected that very serious sanctions are imposed and that countries comply with these sanctions in their production and consumption and fulfill their responsibilities.

Textile, leather and chemical industries are ones of the highest responsibility when evaluated in this respect. Textile, garment, leather sectors are ones of the leading industries of our country with high export potential and employment. However, the industry can survive and compete in the world by expanding and creating value-added, functional / smart textile products, knowledge and innovative approaches to realization of this will be possible with the support of research and development activities.

While all these studies are carried out on a sectoral basis, the most important approach should be to not impair the quality of life. 16th International The Recent Progress Symposium on Textile Technology and Chemistry, concerning "Future of the Textile Sector", is going to be held at Bursa between 4th and 6th May 2017, by UCTEA Chamber Of Chemical Engineers  and UCTEA Chamber Of Textile Engineers.

Symposium Topics:

  • Technical / Smart Textiles
  • Research and Development / Product Development
  • The Best Technologies in the Textile Sector 
  • OHS in Textile Sector
  • Ecological Production
  • Evaluation of Textile Human Resorces
  • International Competitiveness of Textile Chemicals Production in Turkey
  • International Competitiveness of Textile Machinery Production in our Country
  • Use of Information Technologies in the Textile Sector
  • Sustainability


It is possible for companies to take place in the upcoming symposium, by giving out a notice , hiring a stand or platform to demonstrate their products for 3 days or throw any advertisement into the symposium book which shall be distributed all the participants thereof. Please,contact bursa@kmo.org.tr to participate into the Symposium directly.

20.000 TL
10 sqm stand area
Presentation of the company for 30 min 
10 free invitation
Advertisement on front/rear inner pages of Proceedings Book
The company logo publishes on every announcement of the symposium as supported cooperation

Visual Presentation (30 min)6.000 TL
Stand hiring
3.000 / 4 sqm
LunchIn Return of Service
Coffee Break
Symposium bag
10.000 TL
Advertisement on Outer Side of6.000 TL
Proceedings Book
Advertisement on Inner Pages of Proceedings Book2.000 TL
Brochure in Symposium Bag1.500 TL
Notepad 2.000 TL
Pen Sponsorship
2.500 TL

Registration Fee:

Participating fee: 75 TL (Including symposium bag, lunches, coffe-break)
Student (Bachelor and master degree): Free

Accomodation Fee:

Havva Aslanoba Hotel70 TL120 TLhttp://havvaaslanoba.meb.k12.tr
Gönü Ferah Thermal Hotel150 TL220 TLhttp://www.gonluferah.com
Aloft Bursa Hotel150 TL185 TLhttp://www.aloftbursa.com
Crowne Plaza Bursa219 TL269 TLhttp://www.cpbursa.com

Bank Account Information:

UCTEA Chamber of Chemical Engineers

Bank name: TC İş Bank
Branch: Altıparmak / Bursa

TL Account no: 2207 - 469159
IBAN (TL): TR20 0006 4000 0012 2070 4691 59

EURO Account no: 2207 - 433940
IBAN (EUR): TR04 0006 4000 0022 2070 4339 40

*Mail order is available.

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